PT Shorts is a free monthly program open to the public, featuring dramatic readings of contemporary literature written by critically acclaimed authors.


Readings are presented at Northwind Arts Center’s Reading Series and sponsored by the Port Townsend Arts Commission.

This Month’s Featured Author

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Mission Statement

To encourage community literacy and accessibility to the performing arts by providing a program of high quality short dramatic readings free of charge to the public.


1. Conduct readings on a consistent basis at a regular time and location.

  • PT Shorts is now held the first Saturday of every month.
  • PT Shorts is held 7:30 – 8:30 to coincide with the end of Gallery Walk.
  • PT Shorts is held at an accessible downtown location.

2. Expose the community to a variety of literary genres, authors and readers.

  • PT Shorts annually features a different director each month.
    • i. Each director chooses his or her own theme and material.
    • ii. Each director chooses his or her readers.
    • iii. Each director chooses his or her own rehearsal schedule and style of presentation.
    • b. PT Shorts draws from a pool of readers available to directors through open auditions.
    • i. Directors are encouraged to chose at least one reader from the list of readers created through the audition process
  • PT Shorts’ diverse selections encourage audience members to read new authors, read additional works by familiar authors or reread works long forgotten.

3. Offer low impact, entry level performing and directing opportunities for actors and directors of all experience levels or those new to the community.

  • PT Shorts gives performance and directing opportunities to actors and directors that may not have the time or ability to be involved with a fully staged production. PT Shorts grooms new talent interested in performing or directing.

4. Ensure the readings presented are of high quality

  • Material must be chosen from published works only.
  • Material chosen from “vanity publishers” will not be considered a published work.
  • Directors should not choose material they authored themselves.
  • Directors are discouraged from having authors read their own work unless they are experienced performers.
  • Material may teach, inform or have a theme, but above all, must be quality work that will hold an audience’s interest.

5. Create partnerships and build community

  • Invite community groups to sponsor or direct a PT Shorts (PT Library’s Community Read)
  • Chose material that highlights a special event, organization, or cause (Wooden Boat Festival, Disability Awareness Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Victorian Festival)
  • Participate in Port Townsend’s First Night event
    • i. Allows for a larger audience and/or an audience that may not have experienced monthly PT Shorts programs
    • ii. Helps another community not-for-profit organization raise money
    • iii. Gives back to the community by providing free, all-ages entertainment
    • iv. Attracts and introduces those who may not be familiar with Key City Public Theatre
  • Provide arts-related announcements at the beginning of each PT Shorts
Tell us what you’d like to hear! 

We’re always interested in your suggestions for specific stories and topics. You can refer to a previous PT Shorts and say “Do more of that!” Or you can suggest a new topic. But what we’d most like to get is your recommendations for specific stories. Please give us the complete title, author name, and name of the collection in which it was published (if any). Thank you!


If you would like additional information about our PT Shorts program or to find out about ways in which you can participate or sponsor this free community program, please contact our PT Shorts Program Administrator, through our KCPT office.

Phone: (360) 379-0195

Would you like to direct a future PT Shorts program?

Thank you for your interest in directing a PT Shorts program in 2013. Please read our Mission Statement and Goals for PT Shorts. By understanding the mission and the goals of this program we hope it will assist directors in choosing appropriate material and readers. Although we strive to afford every director as much creative freedom as possible, there are a few guidelines that need to be met.

To apply to direct a future PT Shorts program contact our office at (360) 379 0195.

Request a Press Release

Please give us the information we need to publicize your program by filling out and submitting the on-line form—at least two weeks before your PT Shorts event.

Doing this gives our publicity person enough time to write and distribute a press release for your reading.

Please do not send out a press release yourself.